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The most beautiful homes sold in 2018

The most beautiful homes sold in 2018

For those who were waiting for my ranking, here are the most beautiful homes sold in 2018, from the agency Ortalloggi.

As you know my rankings are never on the contrary, we start from the first, the most beautiful. In my opinion.

1. The apartment in the center of Orta

From photography you will think it is not so beautiful, I already imagine it. But this little chest hides a treasure.

Those who bought it will restructure it and I know it will do it well. I’ve already seen it done on another occasion and I have no doubt about the result. You will find it then among our holiday homes for the 2019 season. A stone’s throw from the square, overlooking the splendid Canetta palace, with a wrought iron balcony overlooking an ancient cobbled street, it will be a success!

2. A 3 year long project

No, 3 years is not the time that will last the renovation project of this wonderful house.

3 years is the time that my client spent in finding the perfect home. He is a German architect with very clear ideas. He patrolled Lake Como, then Lake Maggiore, Mergozzo and eventually landed on the placid waters of Lake Orta. He found out who answered all his doubts in a language he could understand and in the end, in less than a month, he bought the house he had desired so much.

Another project therefore that will not find its fulfillment in immediacy, but that will transform an abandoned apartment, in a residence overlooking the lake.

3. The lake view cottage
We are not talking about an easy thing to find: a detached, renovated, lake view and with a wonderful sun exposure!

I struggled to choose the photo to put on the cover because if the courtyard immediately makes you want to holiday, the interior make you want to live there!

Now it is in the hands of a couple of new owners who will appreciate it even more …


4. An apartment for life
I am so used to selling second homes for holidays that when I come across a buyer who has found the house of residence, the one for life, I almost get emotional (not nearly, I always get emotional).

This house was desired, longed for, suffered for some problems of obtaining the loan, still suffered for some bureaucratic delay, but finally loved.

Now when I step in there I see the lights always on and I know that it was one of the most beautiful hits: the perfect home for the perfect person.


5. The cellar you did not expect

Sure, putting a cellar in the 5th place sounds strange. It’s not so beautiful, but it’s mine. After dozens of deeds for my clients, now I know what it is like to sign one.

Anyway, no, I did not put it in the rankings for egocentrism, I repeat, it’s not even a nice cellar, but she taught me a lot.

This cellar has received the declaration of bond at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in the fifties and to buy it was pretty hard. We had to communicate the intention to the Ministry, rogitare, then wait for the answer and the 60 days according to the law. Then there was a small error in the deed, then the rectification, another notarial deed, another communication to the Ministry, another waiting. Then finally, after months, I could have my little cellar.

In short, I can not wait to put all this knowledge for selling a new property with the Ministry declaration. I’m ready!