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Selling to Swiss buyers

Selling to swiss buyers

Selling to Swiss buyers

With regard to reciprocity on the purchase of real estate in general cases refer the link to a previous post I wrote Condition of reciprocity – what does it mean?

This time, however, I would like to talk about the single case of Swiss citizens.

In the Switzerland there is a special regulation which regulates the purchase of property by foreigners, we are talking about the Federal Act on the acquisition of real estate by foreign persons of 16 December 1983 and the executive ordinance of the law itself, on 1st October 1984.

My purpose is to give preliminary information to my Swiss clients who would like to buy a house in Italy. For specific indications, however, I suggest you consult a notary who normally handles such cases, if you want I’ll be happy to provide recommendations.

It is considered verified the condition of reciprocity for people (not companies) Swiss non-resident in Italy in cases of:

  • Purchase of secondary house with the net floor space area of less than 200 square meters.
  • Land appurtenant to second homes whose area does not exceed 1,000 square meters.
  • Real estate for business purposes only.
  • Properties received for mortis causae (will) by relatives in ascending and descending line.

I prepared an infographic which should help you to understand

reciprocità svizzera ENG

Lastly, I feel like giving you this interesting reflection, prepared by the Damonte Legal Studio.
The study is specialized in assisting all those economic, Italian and foreign operators who intend to invest in Italy.

Find the document (in Italian) at the link Spunti di riflessione – Studio Legale Damonte

This regulation can scare our Swiss customers, but you do not have to worry. In these years, we and the notaries of our area have often had to deal with customers from Switzerland and we can help you in every phase of the sale.

For any information about the process of buying a house in Italy, write to, I will be happy to answer your questions.

Alice  –