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Home Staging – table set or not?

Home staging - table set or not?

Home Staging – table set or not?

We have learned that the relooking of the house must not be immortalized at a precise moment.

Unless we are selling a house on the ski slopes (where winter will presumably) or a beach front (summer), it is better not to take the season into account.

Likewise, we do not even have to “frame” the house at a certain moment of the day: lunch or dinner.I

n Italy the table is basically not set, because it is preferred to generalize in a neutral moment of the day.

Table setting is a trend of the American home stager, where the focus is much on the scene, much more than here on our small peninsula. Overseas they try to recreate exhibition spaces from showrooms, but in Italy this is often impossible, also because we face small realities, limited spaces and limited budgets.

I learned all these things thanks to my tutor during the course to become home stager in the school Formazione Design (they have many courses and a fresh and young relationship with their students!).

My tutor, Simona, when I asked her if she had to think about a moment of the day for a staging, she would have chosen one in which she returns home in the afternoon “where there is a silent setting that opens to the visitor not with a table set but rather with a table ready to be prepared and prepared, a house ready to live with the return home of the user”.
The client imagines freely how he could become his home, at lunch or dinner, when relaxing in front of the TV and in front of a good book, a tea, how could he sleep in that room and wake up in the morning.

The doubt was that if we set the table, maybe the customer does not care about this because his habits could be different, it must be him to imagine his scenarios in that house.

Well, I stole every information, appreciated any advice, but I chose to set my tables.

Maybe it’s because when I’m the first person to take care of home stager is always for a holiday home (microreceptic is a whole other world!) and maybe because the advertisements of tourist locations accustom us to see tables prepared and ready for a holiday .

Well, I always choose to set as if it were a breakfast. The moment of the day full of energy and vitality.

Obviously, they are choices of style and personal tastes as well. I have only given you my opinion!

I do not do of this work my main job, my limited knowledge only serves to advise, when I can, my clients. Many professional Home Stager operate in our area and if you need specific advice, you can email me at for advice on the professional that best suits your needs.

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