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What is Home Staging?

What is home staging?

What is Home Staging?

At this time there is talk of Home Staging and all my clients ask me, what is this? Here’s an article that will make things clearer…

First, it is not new, in fact, the figure of Home Stagers, has been present for over 20 years in the United States and in English-speaking countries. It works to enhance and improve the houses, for sale or rent, with a small budget and little invasive and non-structural measures.

The home stager is not an interior decorator, a real estate agent or an architect. It is a complex figure and support to the just mentioned professions

I have attended a course in Home Staging, at Formazione Design, but there are very many professional courses and well supported as those at Home Staging School or those of the Italian Association Home Stager (Staged Homes).

My purpose was to learn new techniques to make it complete my profession of estate agent, I will not do of home staging, my main job, but I would like in this section of my blog, to share with you some interesting facts about the matter.

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The objective is to “fall in love” the potential buyer of a house at first sight, so that he gloss over small or large defects of the home. A warm and hot entrance for example, distract attention from its small size or absence of a wardrobe; a large master bathroom and organized will make it seem less important than the second bathroom blind; a spectacular view, if exploited, could get the better of a very bright living area; and so on…

Studies have shown that a buyer decides whether or not to buy the house, in the first 90 seconds of his first visit. Only 90 seconds. The time to rotate by 180 ° the head. Unbelievable. Very short time.

One thinks automatically that everything has to be perfect, otherwise our instincts we will answer a resounding “No!” to the question “did yoou like the house?”.

The infographic below says:
– 9 out of 10 times a buyer decides to buy a house as a result of a lightning strike (in Italian translates as a sudden fall in love!)
– the buyer sets out its opinion on the house in the first 90 seconds of the visit.


The first impression, therefore, is crucial. That’s why it is important to consult professional Home Stagers, able to better prepare the house.

Finally, I leave you some statistical data on home staging.

You can believe it or not … I unfortunately have not yet matured in the field experience to be able to give my statistics. I just think that if a property is presented well, at least, reveal the care that the owner has in their own home and can certainly let pleasure to potential buyers.

The statistics here over say a property for sale, in this period, has a permanence on the market average of 282 days, which are reduced to 67 days if it is prepared with home staging.

In addition, buyers will ask for only 6% discount.
The last statistic says that 94% of Italian homes on which it was made home staging has been sold.

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