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The Concept Board for the Home Staging project

The Concept Board for the Home Staging project

The Concept Board for the Home Staging project

Once defining the type of intervention, the home stager will present an elaborate called concept board, sometimes called moodboard. This is a graphic table that each professional presents in his own personal way. There are some that only show decorative furnishing pictures, others also indicate the price, others have applied fabric samples to use.
There may be a house map, a photorealistic render, or a handmade design.

At the bottom of the page, I attach some images of interior design concept boards I found on Pinterest.

The tables presented depend very much on the type of intervention you require. 

All this, once executed, will be widely documented in a professionally photographed dossier with the appropriate focal aperture and strategic frameworks.

The table below is  a collage of photographic elements and the layout of the property.

Google Bilder-resultat for

The next table, on the other hand, is a three-dimensional project with applied samples of selected fabrics and proposed materials. Drawings and writing are calligraphic, by hand, to demonstrate craftwork.

Kimberly Plested - presentation board for The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC Two:

In the next proposal of concept board we find a manual graph of the final result of the project.

concept board (by corea sotropa):

This table is presented to give particular emphasis to the color palette chosen.

A home decor collage from July 2016 by lauren-a-j-reid featuring interior…:

mustard turquoise interior - Cerca con Google:

The last concept that I will present is very particular because it is the typographical setting of a magazine.

"In the Mood for Winter" by nyrvelli on Polyvore:

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