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Advantages for buying the first home in Italy

Advantages for buying the first home in Italy

Many people know that if you buy a house as a “first home” in Italy, there are discounts in taxes. But what does it mean to buy the forst home? And what are the conditions to be respected?

The article I have written in Italian on this subject is very complex and full of normative references, so I chose not to translate it exactly, but to make a small summary for my foreign customers.

On a fiscal level, the purchase of a property from a private individual is subject to the registration charge, mortgage registration fee and the Land Register fee.   The charges vary depending on whether tax-breaks for the purchase of the first house apply. 

The registration charge is in the sum of 2% of the sale price if tax breaks apply, if there no tax-break the registration charge amounts 9%.  The mortgage registration fee and the land register fee both amount to 50 €. 

But for this information visit the link Taxes on buying a house in Italy

 Here we will focus on how to pay taxes 2% and not 9%. 

We have already said that you have to move your residence to Italy within 18 months of your purchase, and you do not have to be the owner of other houses in the same municipality or other houses in Italy where you have already been asked for tax relief on first home.

The home does not have to be luxurious (following the cadastral categories).

To make it easy to understand, I have prepared this infographic.

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