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How to take photos to sell home

How to take photos to sell home

An advice to sell home: take photos that can measure up!

This point is wildly important to me! Now we are in the internet Age. An age in which buyers browse hundreds of announcements before taking the  decision to book an appointment. For which reason they should choose your house rather than another one?

In the majority of cases they will choose on an inspiration given by photos that they will see on announcements.

Then, we agree that, if the house has an astronomical price or many structure problems, in any case nobody will buy it. You will never be able to fool anybody with beautiful photos. You will only be able to make the potential buyer choose to hire a visit.

Choose a time in the evening or in the morning to take your photos.When the sun doesn’t fall perpendicularly to the ground,it will be softer. Take the photos to the whole kitchen, but if it has particular characteristics (induction stove, stone sink, built-in microwave) take an image that will have this object as protagonists.

To give importance to my advertisements, I choose to take part in a class and to get a degree as a professional photographer, to follow at best my customers.

A new band of market, that opened in the housing sector in the last few years, is the holiday houses one to weekly hire to italian and foreign tourists.

Competition in this sector is really high. The offert is growing and growing. As opposed to houses for sale, more than the 95% of cases, contracts shall be concluded without visiting the building. Only relying on photos and here there is the importance that assumes each shot.

Here I propose you many photos that I took in the last few years, introducing you the difference that make a professional photoshoot.

The majority of the shots is about holiday houses and how they were introduced to reach more easily potential guests.

Which of the two photos will convince you in choosing to visit the house or to hire it for your holidays?

For clarity, these are only the differences between photos, not homestaging. (if you are interested in Home Staging, visit the link Il Blog di Alice – Homestaging).

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