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The most beautiful homes sold in 2016

The most beautiful homes sold in 2016

I think it is only right to pay tribute to the most beautiful houses that were sold in 2016 by my agency, I have chosen only 5 to present you. They are those who have remained in the heart!

1.2 isola

1. A unique jewel!

The first place he deserves an apartment in the square of Orta, in the Rose Palace. The view on the island of San Giulio probably be enough to make it special, but to this we add a Venetian flooring (probably dating from the nineteenth century, but it could be earlier) in a state of preservation excelled! But there’s more, there is also a lovely leaded glass window that filters the light of the sunset with beautiful color effects. The house is a gem overlooking a square, which in itself is a rarity! I could only give it the first place!

Are you curious to see all the pictures of this house? The current owners have chosen to place it as a vacation rental, look at this link L’isola Elegant Apartment overlooking the square and island

2.1 giulia

2. The best lake view

For all the reasons I have given before, I could not give this apartment the first place, but I was forced to lower it to the secondgrudgingly. When I saw this house for the first time I was enchanted by the view of the lake. A projection on the island that takes your breath away!

The apartment is in a solid stone house and its interior has never been renovated, ideal for my client who was looking for a box to be filled to her taste. In one of the lounges there is a ceiling painted with floral theme on a canes support, typical of the buildings of our lakes.

3.1 pella

3. A small nest, but overlooking the island

We arrive in third place for an apartment within walking distance from the lake with a small balcony and a splendid view so wide that you can see the Madonna del Sasso on the right and all over the lake finishing with the Island of San Giulio on the left.

The house is accessed by a pedestrian walkway that divides the garden into two halves. The location of this house is wonderful. Buyers were very satisfied!

4.1 perla

4. A small central gem!

This house is a little gem, deserves a lower place in the ranking for its size, is very tiny, but the location compensates. The house is located, in fact, in the square of Orta! The restructuring of the previous owners allowed to rediscover a stone arch and red brick, which was expertly enhanced with illumination from bottom up. They were also preserved the old beams that supported the ceiling, which in addition to still perform their function make it more authentic environment. …and then takes two steps to sit on one of the benches to contemplate the island and there are no words to describe this!

Are you curious to see all the pictures of this house? The current owners have chosen to place it as a vacation rental, look at this link La Perla Romantic Small Apartment in the square

5.2 vale

5. An apartment to be enhanced

Finally we have a small house to be restored, but with a great location and a glimpse of the lake. The building in which it is located is probably dating from the eighteenth century, if we consider the building as well as we can see it now, and it testifies to the decoration of the interior stairs and wrought iron balconies. Inside little has remained of the original decorations, just a coffered ceiling that has remained intact over time although visibly deformed in one of the rooms.

What makes this apartment even more interesting, is a restructuring of the seventies that, in addition to a carpet, a “must have” at the time, gives us some design objects like lamp “parentesi” which, for its simplicity and functionality, was chosen to brighten the coffered ceiling. The vendors have chosen to leave the house with everything inside and buyers have willingly accepted challenge of matching eighteenth-century elements, design of the Seventies, and modern functionality.


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