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Selling your house but nobody buys? I’ll tell you why!

Selling your house but no one is buying? I'll tell you why

Sell house but nobody buys? I’ll tell you why!

This article is the work of Elisabetta Rossi, an Italian professionist of homes, trained in interior design, photography, marketing and communication. Her advice is invaluable, I have summarized and translated it below.

When you are selling a house, there are 3 situations that can arise:

  1. the property is sold in a short time;
  2. you don’t receive enough visit requests;
  3. you receive many requests for visits, but no offers.

If you are reading this article, you will surely recognize yourself in the second or third option.


If you have been trying to sell your home for many months, but you have not yet received any request for a visit from potential buyers, the offer certainly does not have the right appeal or is not communicated optimally.

The objective data on which we can start the analysis are related to the announcement:

  • Unattractive photos, taken from wrong angles and in low light.
  • Lack of information, useful for understanding the peculiarities of the property.
  • Message too aggressive, unpleasant, presumptuous.
  • Absence of information about the plan or the square meters.

Then there is the price, I will not dwell here, but, as I always say, it must be a professional to suggest the value of sales because it will be objective and not bound by the feeling that everyone has for their own home.

Let’s now move on to the property itself, beyond the fact that, once the property is purchased, the new owner will fix it and beautify it to his liking, there are determining factors that make it more or less appealing in the eyes of the buyer and that affect the subsequent purchase or not.

After all, choosing the house you live in is like falling in love and a visit to the building should be considered as the first appointment.

Observe your home and identify any old furniture, which makes cramped and aged spaces, the presence of useless junk, which do nothing but further limit the space, and colors too strong and customizing, which may not make you perceive the beauty of the environment.


If, on the other hand, the ad works, the price is the right one and the environment seems to reflect the buyers’ aesthetic standards, the reasons for which the sale cannot be made may be the following.

  • If you see the buyer undecided, hesitant or thoughtful, try to get feedback from him, asking what is wrong and what kind of problem he has encountered. In this way you will be able to identify the weaknesses of your property and, if possible, run for cover in a more conscious way.
  • If your property is on the fourth floor of a building without a lift, if next to it are the railroad tracks, etc. you must declare it in the announcement, explaining that the price of the house has been lowered due to these problems. You will probably have fewer visits, but you won’t waste time showing the property to buyers who, in any case, won’t buy.

Elisabetta’s advice is to invite a friend of yours (or a person who could reflect the target you are addressing) to visit the house and make considerations about it, objectively and without hesitation. But let him be honest and impartial, I’ll add this, because if you can’t sell your house, it’s not the lure you need.

This is a brief overview of the solutions you can adopt to get to sell your property.

Elisabetta is a true professional and addresses the public with a clear and effective message.

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