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How much does home staging in Italy cost ?

Home much does home staging in Italy cost?

How much does home staging in Italy cost?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I recommend home staging for homes for sale and (why not?) also for rent.

I have already proposed several success stories to you, but this time I would like to answer the question that everyone makes and nobody has the courage to ask: but how much does home staging cost?

As you know I am a homestager, but for my clients I always prefer to rely on professionals who only do this work, and this time too I want one of them to talk, Elisabetta Rossi, in my opinion one of the greatest Italian experts.

Her complete article can be found here (in Italian) Strategie per vendere casa

A home stager can face three different types of situations:
  • empty building – it is certainly the most complex and laborious case, but it is not necessarily the most expensive either. The costs in this case depend largely on the size (the larger it is and the higher the costs of home staging) and the “state of health” of the building. We admit having to set up a three-room apartment without outdoor spaces for 4-6 months: in this case the budget would start from a minimum of € 2000 upwards;
  • furnished property, but not inhabited – it is a situation a bit simpler than the previous one. The home stager can start working using existing furniture, integrating with other furniture if necessary. For the same three-room apartment of the previous example, the cost of the set-up should range from € 1000 upwards;
  • furnished and regularly inhabited building – in this case the work is simple. An inhabited building already has that personal touch of a lived-in house, so the intervention will be limited to the only improvements necessary to propose the house in its best guise. It is therefore a question of working on furnishing fabrics and decorations, without bringing furniture or other bulky furnishing accessories. The question could also be solved with a simple advice of € 300.

Of course the figures I have given you are indicative.

As I stated at the beginning, every situation is different and each home stager establishes the right compensation for their work.

In the figures I have indicated, I have taken into account all the fundamental items of a cost estimate for a home staging service, which are:

  • basic equipment;
  • transport of the outfitting (within a certain limit quantity);
  • professional photo shoot.
The estimate could be added, depending on the customer’s needs:
  • removal of furniture to be removed;
  • whitewashing of part of the building;
  • insertion of design pieces;
  • technical repairs.

It is clear that the greater the budget available to the home stager, the better the results.

Elisabetta is a true professional and addresses the public with a clear and effective message.

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