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How long does it take from the purchase proposal to the deed in Italy?

How long does it take from the proposal to the sale in Italy?

How long does it take from the purchase proposal to the deed in Italy?

Of course it depends on many factors, but I will try to give you an idea by dividing the process into steps.


Accepted proposal

The owner has 10 to 30 days to decide whether to accept a purchase proposal.

In order for the proposal to be considered serious, it must be written, indicating the times of the subsequent deeds and the payments. It must always be accompanied by a check or a cash deposit. It is not a mandatory condition, but it is proof of true commitment and is a safeguard for the buyer who, if he receives acceptance, is sure to buy the house, under penalty (for the seller) of paying double the deposit. So think carefully about the amount to be offered, usually it must never be less than € 5,000.


Mortgage loan

If the proposal is subject to obtaining a loan, the time for the resolution is approximately 30/60 days. Normally the mortgage application is approved within a month, but in particular cases it may take longer.


Preliminary sale

The accepted purchase proposal is already considered, according to the law, a preliminary sale.

However, it may happen that you want to repeat the preliminary to define some ancillary questions, or to do it with an act in front of a notary so that it can be transcribed.

The term is generally 30 days from acceptance of the proposal or from obtaining the mortgage.


Notarial deed

The verification of all documents and the regularity of the property must be done even before the property is put up for sale, but there are always surprises! We can estimate a time of 30-40 days from the preliminary, or in the absence of this from the acceptance of the proposal/obtaining the mortgage.


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