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Home staging for Holiday Homes

Home staging for Holiday Homes

How could you read from my other posts, I really believe in home staging!

I believe so much that I have done a course of about 9 months, certainly not to become a home stage of profession, but to know exactly what it is and to understand when and how it can be useful for homes that I sell or rent.

This time I would concentrate especially on home staging for holiday homes. Bolg more important than mine talked  about that, such as Home Staging Expert.

From their blog I take the incipit for this article. The Home Staging to renovate homes, we can define as a makeover.

The Home Staging for holiday homes, however, is the real estate marketing technique that, unlike a total renovation work, help to improve the aesthetic-emotional aspect of the houses and allows you to get more inquiries and bookings.

You have 7/8 seconds!

In fact, on the official site of the structures, an average stay of 7/8 seconds of potential host was calculated. So you have 7 seconds to form a relationship with him, surprise him, get him to book, you have to make him feel welcome.

You have 7 seconds to get a new reservation. You must not disappoint. You have to be simple and unique at the same time.

Let us now consider that another authoritative online headline, it’s Staged Homes, they have also chosen to dedicate an article only to microreticity.

We know that websites like Airbnb & have revolutionized the world of hospitality industry: tourists today choose alternative structures to traditional ones. The modern traveler seeks an authentic environment with all the comforts of home. While hotels are marking deficits, the micro-receptive market, therefore of holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, landlords and holiday farms, is flourishing.

Staged Homes has even chosen to dedicate a course solely to micro-speech, both in Milan and in Rome.

Finally I present a project that you can find on the site Home Staging Lovers, prepared for the B & b Residence “Il Gaidello” in Emilia Romagna.

I do not get lost in useless comments, the difference is there and it shows!

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I do not do of this work my main job, my limited knowledge only serves to advise, when I can, my clients. Many professional Home Stager operate in our area and if you need specific advice, you can email me at for advice on the professional that best suits your needs.

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