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What are the rental contracts that can be done in Italy?

What are the rental contracts that can be done in Italy?

What are the rental contracts that can be done in Italy?

Before answering the question: what are the rental contracts that can be done in Italy?

Let’s start with a bit of doctrine! In common usage we use the word “affitto”, which means rent, but in legal terms we speak of “locazione”.

Unfortunately I do not have sufficient knowledge to explain you if it’s the same difference that perhaps exists between leasing or rent.

My intention is only to clarify that if you see written in the contracts “locazione”, but in the ads you read “affitto”. It is because the latter is used in everyday language to talk about rent of houses. If you want to deepen this difference, please do not hesitate to email me. I will explain better what it is! 


The contracting parties (landlord and conductor) be free to determine the fee, without bond. While the duration is fixed at four years, renewable for another four years (except in special cases specifically provided by law).


The fee is established in territorial agreements between tenants organizations and those of the owners. The explanation for this is more complicated. But , in the case of leasing of apartments in Orta or neighboring countries, this type can not be applied. So write me to ask in each case whether this type can be used, and how much is the rental revenue.


The duration can be from 1 to 18 months, specifying in contracts the real reason the occupation of the house. The intention is to meet the real needs of the transience of the Landlord or the Tenant, in fact it is not renewable, because the reason of signing of this contract is just the need of a home temporarily. The fee is agreed (by a margin of 20% compared to the contract that I have explained above) for the areas that require it, while it is free in other cases.


This is a type of contract which generally mean less than 30 days. It is not well explained by the Italian law. These contracts are valid even if concluded verbally, but it is always advisable to put it in writing. The tourist lease should not be registered if the duration is less than 30 days.


I have translated for you and I hope it is understandable.

How to register a rental contract?

  • Using the Agency’s e-services, mandatory mode for real estate agents and owners of at least 10 properties (both land and houses). It is optional for all other taxpayers.
  • By requiring registration in the office, in this case you must go to the Inland Revenue and fill out the RLI model. You can find the guide that explains what is RLI model at the following link Model RLI
  • Charging an authorized intermediary or a delegate.

I encourage you to keep in mind that the Italian jurisprudence often undergoes changes, also substantial. For this reason it is always best to check the latest information, please contact us omn this address

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