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The foreign press at the end of 2016

 The foreign press at the end of 2016

I did this research to understand what think the foreign press at the end of 2016, about Italian Real Estate. The year 2016 was a year full of major international events, including the Brexit (I think we all know what it is, in short is the choice of the UK to leave the European Union), the US elections where Donald Trump triumphed and finally the Italian Constitutional Referendum. 

But despite the political uncertainty, Italy continues to attract the attention of international investors, as reported by the website dedicated to luxury, published by Dow Jones. This combined with the large number of foreigners who want to buy a second home in the Belpaese.

At the following link you can read the article by Mansion Global Luxury buyers to look for “la vita bella” despite italian referendum


I personally found this post interesting because in addition to talking about the real estate market, opens the discussion on the Italian political situation. The article was in fact published on December 5, the day after the Constitutional Referendum. The article also ends with this sentence

«for now, the political upset is unlikely to diminish the allure of a penthouse overlooking the Colosseum or a second home in Tuscany’s wine country»

Non-European love Europe and Europeans love Italy. Among the foreigners who “love us” more, there are definitely Americans, in fact “Invest in Italy Real Estate” has dedicated an article to the end of this long year, which you can read at this link Residential market, american people love Italy

The post say that food, fashion and Italian language are just some of the attractions that encourage Americans to look for a second home in Italy.


To finish this small collection of sources on the Italian real estate market to foreign buyers, I want to offer the reading also of the article of the Sole 24 (Italian newspaper) in its international version Foreign demand for luxury Italian real estate growing: 14% of Germans looking for houses worth more than €1 million

 The latter say a recovery in the Italian real estate market is giving added impetus to a sector that has felt the impact of the economic crisis less than others: luxury. This is a segment where foreign demand has made a decisive contribution in these years of crisis.

Please forgive me, again, if my English level is not up to the topics covered. I’m used to talking to people, writing for me is something new. But I do it for you because you can understand the economic situation in Italy.

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