• PHOTOS We make a detailed photo service to offer our customers a complete overview of the property. To provide a service that respects the properties we sell, we have obtained the diploma of “Digital Photography Extended Edition”. Look at our article How to take photos to sell home
  • BROCHURES & ADS Our brochures are presented in Italian and English, we print them on glossy paper so that the photos are better. The ads are in English, we also translate them into French or Spanish, if necessary.
  • REAL ESTATE PORTALS We receive requests mainly from our portal which is now the point of reference for those looking for a home on Lake Orta, especially for foreign customers who find, translate, all the information they need. However, we have chosen to expand our advertising with some dedicated real estate portals.

portali vendita

  • SOCIAL NETWORK Facebook and GooglePlus marketing helps companies create lasting relationships with people and find new customers. The creation of the page has therefore allowed us to loyalty our customers so they can stay in touch more
  • PORTALI CASE VACANZA We handle holiday homes by profession so we know which portals are the most effective for any property. In recent years, many things are changing for tourist locations and we hold a blog that can contain all the new laws, clearly explained, here is the link Holiday Homes

portali affitto

  • FORMS The Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents assures us a constant update thanks to the participation in specific seminars on legal changes in real estate. Our notary advises us on the most difficult clauses, to make each customer tailor-made contract. For our foreign customers, we translate all contracts and attachments into English. Our notary can always provide an interpreter who attends.
  • CADASTRAL, MORTAGE AND PLAN DOCUMENTS We personally keep the cadastral records and check the status of mortgages to ensure the correct situation of real estate property for sale, protecting both parties.
  • ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION Some services, such as energy certification, we can not offer them directly, but we have a network of experienced and qualified contributors who can assist you at this stage with competitive prices for our agency clients.
  • HOME STAGING Do you know what the Home Staging is? This is a method of enhancing real estate property. Read the article I have prepared What is Home Staging? If you want to seize this opportunity for your home, we will advise you the home stager that best suits your specific needs. We have also developed suitable programs for holiday homes and to collect as many bookings as possible!
  • REGISTRATION OF LEASE CONTRACTS We register in telematic mode the lease agreements that follow both the ordinary taxation and the cedolare secca’s option, thanks to the enablement to Entratel. We provide our clients with a digital copy for fast archiving of the registration and a paper copy of the original contract and the compiled RLI template.
  • REAL ESTATE MANAGMENT We also take care of condominium and real estate management. Write to us for more information. 
  • ANNUAL REPORT For customers who trust us to manage their properties for short seasonal rentals, we prepare an annual report on the progress of their property and, more generally, of the holiday rental market on Lake Orta. All the data collected over the years helps us to adapt our offer to customer needs.

It is not easy to condense on a page all the services we are trying to offer. Our real estate agency is made of people who work with commitment and expertise and who always try to satisfy all your requests.

To provide broader advice, we work with the support of notarial studios, architects and accountants. For any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us