SAN MAURIZIO Productive buildings that need renovation

Piazza Salvo D'Acquisto, 28017 San Maurizio D'opaglio NO, Italia
Sale €200.000,00  
350 509 1 Garage

SAN MAURIZIO Productive buildings that need renovation

A complex of productive buildings that need to be renovated in a residential area, close to main services. 

The big amount of square meters allows you to adapt these buildings to fit any need, whether that be residential, productive, or even touristic. 

Developing on two floors it has the possibility to be renovated reorganizing the internal spaces and using also the shed made from arches in stone and bricks. 

The property has direct access from Via Sazza and it has internal parking, but in an investment optic, there is also public parking just right around the corner. 

Just a few steps from the property there is the Via al Pascolo which leads you to the Località al Pascolo which faces the Lake directly. 

Thanks to the recent bonuses released by the Italian Government, this property can be entirely renovated, thus guaranteeing complete personalization and a significant saving in fiscal terms. 

point San Maurizio is a town that is located on the shores of Lake Orta. It prides itself with an excellent  Lake view and an internationally recognized industrial excellence, its faucet industry.

The origins of the town date back to 1568, but there are traces of settlements already around the year 1300. In the past this town saw the presence of stonecutters thanks to the white granite mines that were opened in the XIX century, giving employment to many of the town’s residents. 

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