MIASINO Villa with excellent features

Via Cominazzini, 28010 Miasino NO, Italia
Sale €850.000,00  
376 377 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 1 Garage background Layer 1 900

MIASINO Villa with excellent features

What we are presenting you isn’t a simple villa in Miasino, but this is a villa that as soon as you enter you will see what it hides. 

Every wall, every roof, every corner, everything is painted and every room has its own motive. 

The house is made of two levels together with a basement on the underground floor. We will begin with the ground floor, the entrance is a porch that opens up on the paved floor and an open entrance hall, with a first wide dining room, like previously mentioned, completely painted. On the opposite side, we find a tavern and a basement. Always on the same floor, with a separate entrance, we find an already furnished billiard room. 

Going up to the first floor we find a wide kitchen with a dining area, a living room that opens up onto the garden, a hallway that leads to a bathroom, three bedrooms, one with its own bathroom. 

An open porch allows you to access the other two bedrooms with two private bathrooms, one for each one. 

The garden is developed on two levels, partially paved and partially cultivated with flowers and plants. 

The area where we find this house, in the upper part of Miasino, is rich in palaces and it is appreciated for its reservedness. 

There is a parking space, but the entry to it is an old gate which makes it not suited for all types of cars, most especially big cars. 

In conclusion, the house is truly special and it is searching for someone who will fall in love with it at first sight. 

point Miasino is a small town in the hills of Lake Orta, it has about a thousand inhabitants, and it is 479 meters above sea level.

The town is of ancient origin. Miasino, as other neighboring towns, was part during the Middle Age, of the great episcopal feud of the Riviera of San Giulio.

In addition to the Parish Church, one of the finest buildings in the town is undoubtedly Villa Nigra. It has XVI century origins but extended in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is an example of a noble country house. Now it hosts in its beautiful frame a good restaurant.

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