MIASINO Rural house that needs to be renovated

Via Peroni, 10, 28010 Pisogno NO, Italia
Sale €60.000,00  
321 120+13

MIASINO Rural house that needs to be renovated

In Miasino, precisely in the Pisogno neighborhood, we find this rural house that needs to be entirely renovated. 

This house is actually divided into two buildings, the bigger one is around 1120 square meters while the other one is much smaller, we are talking about around 13 square meters. The house has a very good and prolonged solar exposure and it has a nice view of the hills and its woods in front. This house is suitable for a visionary that can’t wait to finally have a house that is truly entirely his. 

The house is accessible directly by car and there is parking inside the property. 

Logo3 Pisogno is a small neighborhood above Orta. Together with Carcegna and Tortirogno it constitutes the town of Miasino.

This neighborhood is a residential one but with few inhabitants. 

In Pisogno there is a church dedicated to San Gottardo. 

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