MADONNA DEL SASSO House with 5 renovated apartments

Via Follina, 17, 28894 Boleto VB, Italia
Sale €200.000,00  
389 295 mq 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 2 posti auto   background Layer 1 280 sqm garden

MADONNA DEL SASSO House with 5 renovated apartments

This isn’t a home to live in, but it is an investment opportunity! 

Do you dream of having a big home from where you can start your tourist business? Maybe even to have an apartment for yourself and the family as well? If the answer is yes then stop and look at all of the pictures of this house, because this solution has your name written all over it. 

Today we are presenting you with a single home with 5 total apartments, two studio apartments, two double room apartments, and a three-room apartment. All of them have all been recently renovated. 

The surrounding is green, fresh, and peaceful, dominating Lake Orta and a few minutes away by foot from one of the best views of the lake, the Santuario della Madonna del Sasso. 

Since this side of the Lake has started to increment its availability of restaurants, events, and tourist services, also the value of homes has started to grow. What is important to know though is that, opposite from the now touristy consecrated Orta, on this side of the Lake you can still find some great deals that will increment in value with time. 

point Madonna del Sasso is a village of 397 inhabitants in the province of Verbania. Created by Royal Decree No. 174 of January 29, 1928 which read that “the towns of Boleto and Artò, in the province of Novara, gathered in a single municipality called Madonna del Sasso with Boleto capital.

Artò (634 mt s.l.m.) is undoubtedly the most important part of Madonna del Sasso, the others are Centonara and Piana dei Monti.
Two eco-museums are in the area, the first is an ancient grindstone for pounding hemp and nuts.
Instead, in Boleto of Madonna del Sasso, the municipality that stretches on top of a granite formation that for decades has been working tirelessly from “pica sass”, you can visit the new museum dedicated to them.
The main point of interest remains, however, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso. From the square in front of the church, called “the balcony of Cusio”, you can enjoy a spectacular view of almost the entire lake, Mottarone, the Alps and the plains towards Novara.

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Dettagli addizionali

  • Certificato di Prestazione Energetica appartamento ultimo piano: Classe E IPE 177,09 kwh/mq
  • Certificato di Prestazione Energetica appartamento 1 piano sx: NC
  • Certificato di Prestazione Energetica appartamento 1 piano dx: Classe G IPE 250,80 kwh/mq
  • Certificato di Prestazione Energetica appartamento pt sx: Classe G IPE 297,62 kwh/mq
  • Certificato di Prestazione Energetica appartamento pt dx: Classe G IPE 275,68 kwh/mq
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