ARMENO Apartment with large balcony in a historic context

Borgata Cheggino, 28011 Armeno NO, Italia
Sale €92.000,00  
348 61 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

ARMENO Apartment with large balcony in a historic context

When people think of having a house in Italy they usually think of something historic surrounded by pristine nature. 

This apartment, located on the first floor, has a living room with a kitchen with a view, a wide bedroom and a bathroom, all renovated in the year 2000. What brings this apartment so close to the idea of the typical Italian house is its wide balcony that will let you be able to fully admire and enjoy the context of this apartment. The balcony is long and wide, perfect to host summer dinners with friends and family. 

The apartment is located in what used to be, in the year 1900, a convent that is immersed in nature. This green area is used by the whole condominium, for the curious ones, the shared expenses for this apartment are 331 euros circa a year. 

The peripherical residential area nearby sets the perfect condition for making sure that this apartment could truly become your personal Italian home. 

point  Armeno rises to on the hills above Lake Orta at an altitude of 523 meters above sea level. It is the northernmost town in the province and one of the largest geographically.

Not far you can find the Mottarone with its small but sunny slopes and exceptional views of the lake Orta on Lake Maggiore.

The village where the house is located is called Sovazza, whose name comes from the Latin, according to an interpretation would mean “comfortable place.” This town is located on Two Rivers Road, which joins Lake Orta to the largest (and perhaps the most famous) Lake Maggiore.

On the origin of this hamlet, they are missing the secure documents. Some legends say that it was born as a result of some wealthy nobles from the Riviera di San Giulio, who fled following the barbarian invasions.

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